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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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I'm not a religious person but I do care.. More spiritual I'd say.

Snipped cos you have to want to read this! :)

I lit a candle a couple of nights ago, like I quite often do, for all those I know who aren't with us, or who I want to think about.

Of course this included Sara, and more recently Keith's wife Sheila.. And the others I've lost along the way, some in death, some in life, and some who just need that thought/prayer... Call it what you will. Its a side of me that I rarely write about but that those who know me well enough will know about.

Whilst I don't believe in 'organised' religion such as Christianity, Islam or Judaism, for example, I do follow some beliefs of 'Life' & 'Love'.. if this constitutes, 'God' or 'Religion' in some peoples eyes then so be it.