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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A step into normality....
OK apart from my sore leg & the fact that I'm thinking of reporting the local cricketers to for an ASBO for being bloddy noisy bastards I have had a quite a good afternoon

Jas turned up a bit after 1ish.. Went to Sable D'Or and managed to get a table (& chairs) which they had to bring out, right near the back, near the kitchen..

Jas had a breakfast (again..! She's asked me to remind her to have something different next time! :) ) followed by an Excellent bit of their chocolate gateau.

I had a Gallette aux Fromage... A gallette is not a word I was familiar with but various definitions are below. In this case it referred to their excellent range savoury pancakes :D In this case with enough goats cheese to make me grow horns and prance on the table (well, not quite! LOL ). But it was a lot of cheese.

To follow I had a Tartlette aux Citron, perfect light pastry with sweet, lemony filling, and the word 'Citron' chocolate in icing on the top! :)

ga·lette (plural ga·lettes)

round flat cake: a round flat French cake, pastry, tart, or pancake, often filled or topped with jam, whipped cream, cheese, meat, or other foods

[Late 18th century. < French]

A flat, round cake originating in France made with flaky pastry dough, yeast dough, or unleavened dough. Galette can also be a type of French tart that can be sweet or savory and topped with jam, nuts, fruit, meat, or cheese. One variety of galette is the Galette des Rois, which is traditionally served during Twelfth Night festivities. A bean or other token is often hidden inside with the intention of bringing good luck to the one who finds it.

Galette: round flat pastry, pancake, or cake; can also refer to pancake-like savory preparations; in Brittany usually a savory buckwheat crêpe, known as blé noir.

Seems that the last Definition is closest.. Yumm...

Afterwards we staggered out, paid, walked back via the park, for a cuppa at home before Jas left..

I've had an email fromingridiana and we 'may' be meeting up tomorrow if she's in London, and has time after an exhibition.:) Yay if this works out! :D

Also had a txt from someone informing me of their new mobile number, but no name??? Who are you??? Will have to txt them back!

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Sorry I couldn't make it :( Maybe sometime in August?

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