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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Haven't blogged much today as the leg is giving me trouble & sitting in front of PC is not doing it much good. Mum is beginning to mither me about the swelling & stuff as well which is NOT helpful really.

In brief I've not done too much other than rest & pop out for paper for printer with parents this afternoon.

Ingy didn't make it over, as she was pretty knackered after the exhib so I just hope she's had a brill time & a smooth trip homewards.

Spoke to Faye.. May check hospital visit to next week as I think I bungled the dates up & I think I need this leg looked at by the renal lot.

Other than that 'life' is on pretty low priority at the moment, just keeping things ticking over.. I'm hoping this week will allow things to improve at least till past the start of next month. eg next 2 weeks.

Looks like, from the response from tech support that my filebucket issue is genuine so hopefully should be fixed in a few days. In the meantime no more photos for a while