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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Monday morning... just about
Awake, had brekky, tabs... Not quite dressed yet.

Have called the hospital,.. to change appt to THIS week instead of next as I got the dates wrong when I was there last & I wanna get this leg checked again.

I spoke briefly to one of the transplant nurses & he didn't think there's huge amounts I could do that I'm not doing already. He didn't veto a pressure stocking (one of mums ideas) as long as its not uncomfortable of affecting circulation.

The leg isn't unbearable at the moment, just uncomfortable, irritating.

Main irritation is MUM! Who keeps coming up with wild ideas, interrupting me when I'm trying to chill & generally being a worried pest! I think my main task in the next few days is gonna be pain control & keeping myself from flipping out at her completely..

Strange how last night it was.. Oh 'We're' gonna get you to that hospital tomorrow. And this morning it was.. YOU better call the hospital hadn't you??.. Control by proxy!!! Drives ME INSANE!

She outs at the shops right now so the house is relatively quiet for a bit.

I think today is gonna be a repeat of previous days.. I tend to go into 'shutdown' mode when I'm being harassed like this. However I need to try & get a few things done so that may take my mind off stuff a bit :)

In myself I don't feel toooo terrible I guess. Just gotta keep positive & hang in here! Right.. Better get on I guess. :)

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Hiya just read u blog.
Amazing enough u mum sounds k=just like me!!! lol part n parcel of being a mum worried concerned tryin to help although can understand we do get u ll irritated at times often when point out obvious lol awwww((((hugz)))) sure we jsut doin mothering instinct caring n clucking act ;) Wouldnt be good mums if we didnt eh? ;)

Anyhowhope u leg ok at mo Remember Rach legs feet use to be like elephant feet swollen just b4 started haemo :( n know we also very worried for her well being etc.

Speak 2 u l8r off to vets get Fudge vaccinations etc!!! £56 for two!!!! yikes!!!! ;O best we win the bonds this month like last - hopefully lol ;) Also took Vicky to Drs - nasty tonsilitis - oh joys of being a mum nurse eh? ;)

bye for now Elaine :D

Control by proxy!
Mums are good at that! :)

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