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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Nondescript sort of day
Once I got up (for lunch really). Its been a nondescript sort of day..

Mum's been out shopping most of day, tried to go out to waterlow park with dad in afternoon. Didn't happen.. Roadworks locally made that idea a joke.

Took someones advice & went for a local wander instead. Ended up in Sable D'Or with dad. Hot chocolate.. Its either me or I don't react well to cafe hot choccie. Didn't agree with me at all.

Tis my parents 41st anniversary today so we will probably strundle round to Arocaria later. Oh well.. At least it beats another 'whats for supper' debate.

Had a strange call claiming to be from HSBC asking me to contact my branch ASAP. Rang telephone banking.... Nothing tagged on my account there! Very odd! Could be a hoax!??

I can do without the hassle but checked my account online as well, all seems to be in order really.