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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Just a quickie
Just a micro blog to catch up on things..

LAST night (Tue night) I had the squits something terrible. As a result, sleep for me & rest for my sore leg NIL. Wed at clinic was pretty rough as I was sleep deprived.
I basically came home, in pain with sore leg & took painkillers & slept the rest of the day. Eventually surfaced around 6 - 7 PM!! took a shower, ate etc..

I've just slept another good 4 hours (from midnight till 4am.) and now just took some more painkillers again.

Spoke to Faye who I see tomorrow yesterday & Julie on MSN.

Have tentatively arranged to have some lunch with J in a week or so when I get back from oop north.

The doc yesterday is now talking in terms of dialysis 'soon'. This will be haemo, but as usual holding off specific dates.

I'm back for more blood tests in 2 weeks.! SIgh.. I hate the waiting game really.

And the whole travelling, admin & stuff stresses me MORE I think than the procedure straight. I can foresee cockups galore knowing that place :( Not a very positive frame of mind I know but there ya go.

Anyway.. Will be time to look at a laptop when I get back I think. I will need something to stop insanity & write email on when I get those 12 hours.. AND I'll have the challenge of pushing for wireless access. Should be fun! Sigh!