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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Spring is Spronging
Tired this morning ... Got up around 9-10.. got sorted..

Had a lateish brekky, cornflakes, milk, brown sugar..

Did bits of Admin and chatted until about 2 I sorta felt better today, and sorta felt worse.. OK whilst sitting on my butt!!! Not when trying to DO anything thats normally active (like walking :( )

Had lunch, sunflower roll, ham, gherkin, mayo.. nice..

After last night I changed to X-Journal.. Its free, and it seems to have better image support.. I think I've worked out what has gone wrong with those 2 entries... Some editing will be needed to 'fix' them.. Shame LJ doesn't seem to manage itself..

Here's an attempt of a pic again.. Lets see..
Crouch End Broadway & Clocktower

Finished off a few bits this afternoon, expenses & I now have 2 faxes queued for tomorrow.
Haven't done the cleaning I wanted to start on but did get the restaurant booked for next week..

Why do some people just have the reaction on me to make me horny, and some not.. Humans are strange :) Oh well.

Supper yet to come.

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Hiya Jim so pleased to hear from u and update us on your health and progress etc.Glad that you are slowly but surley seeing the light at the end of the tunnel ;)

You and your family have ben through such an ordeal over the last few months. Our thoughts have been with u and your family each and every day. Hope u liked the pics we sent you of our visit at Swindon kite fest in ? May and meeting your dad too. Was a good day and that is what we kept hold of memories of u having fun although your health was deteriorating even then.

Yes been nice eto keep in touch with Faye Michelle etc of your progress, thye have been very supportive and always there.....

Lets look to the future bright skys sunny crisp days and progress in your health. Hope haemodialysis is making you feel more stable I know its a tough time just to let you know we are thinking of you.

best wishes and heres to the future (((hugz))) Elaine Chris Rach Katie Vicky and Fudge our kitten lol 6mnth old! :D

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