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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Forget the last post erase it from your memory and burn it in flames.
It\s a long story but I caught meningitis listeria earlier this year, about 11 weeks ago. Possibly from food poisoning eg say an unpasturised cheese or something.

Anyways for yr info here is a draft of an update letter I am sending to folks


Dear Folks,
(Friends, Family, and other acquaintances.)
This is an update from me for than past 3 months. A litle longer for some.
I was doing fine with my kidney transplant until August 14, when, after a routine trasnsplant clinic appointment, I came home feeling unwell. My parents noticed that this was more serious than though and felt that this was serious and called the hospital (The Royal London (St Bartholemews & White Chapel).
Bring him in, they said. Upon admission I was diagnosed with Meningitis listeria. Maybe from food poisoning’s was rushed to ITU (Intensive Care) I was sedated fore the first 2 weeks as I was having fits and thrashing around. They had to strap me down on the bed because of this.
At one point my heart ceased to beat and by the goodness of god (or whatever you believe in) that managed to bring me back to life. (Plus some good doctors… Ha-ha. I am thankful to them for saving my life.
I will not go in to too much detail, other than key points (medical I’m afraid) I had inserted into me
A tracheal tube to allow me to breath
••Due to this I was not able to talk or communicate.
A Nasogastric tube , to feed me. I could not eat food in that condition

I won’t go into too much detail, but I spent a further 8 weeks in the wards. Various significant effects included me falling over and crashed on the floor. After this my mum insisted to the staff I be attended so she spent those long nights leaving for home and rest during the day. My dad than came in during visiting time (2 to 8pm .I also had a ????? inserted into my neck to assist breathing and a nasal gastric tube to feed me (you can look these term up on the web).

I also acquired a ????? Infection that cased severe diareah it was several weeks before I was discharged.
Due this I was not able to walk. (Lost effective muscle

Has no taste for food
Had severe loss of memory. Because of this I have lost a huge amount of my computer skills Such as web building and using common applications. However I learn fast so this should gradually come back to something a little closer to normal. But what is like if don’t remember a close best friend.
I have also lost a huge amount of my horticultural skills. I have an HND in horticulture. During the * weeks I was in a ward with no daylight. Never seeing sky, clouds and the sun will psychiatrically harm a person.
One time my mother brought in a Passiflora flower. Not remembering what it was I thought it was some sort of harming insect and pulled back from my mom in fear.
After a time my parents and myself pressed to be moved to a ward with daylight.
The place is much like a prison in some respects
Oh the joys when I was allowed to go out into the fresh air of the garden, accompanied baby my parent, a nurse and an oxygen cylinder! . Like a 4 year old (due to the memory loss) I was intrigued and in joy to see the clouds, and pigeons! And other birds. The birds the are unwell (just like the patients and staff, and have a poor appearance, due, I think to their location.
By comparison the fowl near my home, which a very green area, are shining with health. I made an effort to get outside as much as possible
One of the second serious points of this illness is that it has reduced my kidney function. I am now on haemodialysis (known as haemo or HDX) 3 times a week.
Hovever, my plan as suggested and also recommended by a good friend of mine (nameless)
Is to:
Look after my health.
Have Fun. My interests are still kiting and photography / image work
Go to a green space as often as possible (we have a lot of
Green areas such parks and woodland in this area of London

I hope you do the same.

I wish to thank everyone who supported me though this tragedy. Who sent cards, (and baloons. Especially those who were able to visit me and Faye. Who kept folks on Kidney Patient Guide informed of my welfare on a day to day basis
And my parents, who got me through this deadly experience.

Best wishes, love & kind regards,

Jim Warham.




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Hey Jim!

I don't know if you remember me or not but we talked (on LJ and MSN) for about 2 months or so before you became ill. It is okay if you don't remember me because we can just start from the beginning! =) Faye has been so kind to keep me up on your condition. I am glad to hear that you are doing so much better. For fear of being too overwhelming at the moment, I will cut this short. Take Care. *HUGS*

Best Wishes,
Angelica (Angi)

:) It's good to see you back hun

JMan is back.....

Hi Jim:

This is art from ontario (Canada)....saying how glad I am that you are back

You'll be glad to know that the turtle egg (laid July1/05) all hatched

on Sept.15/05 and all 7 baby turtles are doing fine ..see them

..... http://art-epp.blogspot.com/

....great to hear you again

...best Art

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