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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A normal tuesday
Just a normal day, woke fairly early, got up, dressed. Had Brekky, Muesli

Morning spent usual things, paperwork, sorting prescriptions, taking meds, prepping to go to hdx. I'm at white chapel & royal London hospital. Dialysis in total for us (me and my parents) involves sorting out my lunch bag. Home made sandwiches, fruit and some biscuits. These are my lunch as I have leave home at 12 to be there for dx at 1pm. I am nervous again of needles since I had a couple of fucked up needling that hurt more than I've ever known. I've had dx on and of sine I was 5 so this seems a bit shit. However normally my needles are smooth & painless if well done.

I'm considering going back to doing it myself as I did when I was a kid.

However today I a had a new to the unit indian nurse called Shanas. She has a very smooth and gentle touch and despite my nervousness the needles went in smooth today.

Had my lunch and the cup of tea and biscuits they bring round. Then I went to sleep for the best part of dialysis. I don't often do this but today I so knakered from the previous 48 hour and lack of sleep I had a heavy 3 hours sleep.

I was so deep it took a while for me to wake up.. So it was of back home with my carer and transport.

Thats mum and dad by the way but she has carers allowance as she's there 24/7 for me, And dad is the transport so we get a little travel claim back.

Supper was the usual sandwiches & salad/fruit. We don't seem to have much tome for home cooking with a day and a half taken off the week. So the cooked stuff tends to be Iceland frozen. Except for the soup and odd apple pie. However I get back into cooking. cookery/ domestic science at school so maybe I can pick back up on it.

Watched a bif TV on C5, but its blurry. Thinking of getting cable anyways.

Right off I go to snoozyland

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I'm glad to hear that you had a good nurse. I could never sleep on dialysis, it definitely helps pass the time if you can sleep.

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