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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A weekend
Been a long weekend it was mum's birthday on Sunday. Family came round, 2 brother. and my nephew. So fairly busy weekend. there were a few times when I needed a break from things. My brother josh spent a decent amount of time sorting out many of my email accounts which I have forgot passwords for. Luckily he found a folder with info in so a few more of my email accounts are working.

Tomorrow is dialysis again in the afternoon. I hope I feel well enough to complete a few things such as a bit of vacuuming and getting the toilet and bathroom cleaned properly. I'd do it but I am not supposed to do much cleaning as risk of infections and skin issues (from cleaning fluids).
I also had my first appointment with the meningitis counsellor. I will properly continue these until Christmas.
Thats all for now except I've discovered tha St James Day is on 25th of July. I'm not that religious really but its another excuse to celebrate.
One final thing is my full name is James William Andrew Thomas Warhm.
In a previous post I added Christopher by mistake.

Bye for now:)