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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Another short one.. Usual day.

Set up a couple of direct debits to some accounts then off for dialysis, went smoothly and I am 100% confirmed at being at Whips Cross. Smooth session of dx and the had some take away fish and chips foe supper. This the first time I have had fish and chips since my meningitis killed my tastebuds.

It was OK but you can only really get good fish and chips close to the sea. Rest of the evening a bit of jeeves and wooster and now am entering this :)

Also those of you that are kidney patients, take a look at the new NKF video


Cheers for now... Jim

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Nice to see you

Hi Jim

Nice to read your posts daily.

Hope you are keeping well, and we can do that lunch at your little Italian restaurant, if you remember it.

Drop me a mail if you can kelly@rockwellhitec.co.uk.

Love from


Hiya Jim hope u ok? nice to read your posts.
Have just checked out the NKF video- good idea have emailed NKF for kidneylife magazine but no reply as yet may try get 1 tomorrow when Rach goes for her 1st transition appt at southmead Bristol.

Take care was nice to speak 2 u online other week :D

best wishes Elaine Rach & family xx :D

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