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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Another short entry its !:40 am on Wed

Had Cyclosporin test which may show something about my kidney function.

Bit scary I am just hoping they don't take the kidney out as I am very well at the moment as it is.

Then went to the Star cafe (a superb eatery) for brunch.

Then we went down Brick Lane... Look it up on the web. its a very long street with endless restaurants, cafes and a huge number of shops, selling wholesale clothing and such like, bought a couple of hats, someone's getting something for Christmas. (Grin)

Spent a bit of time with mum on the computer trying to sort stuff out. As a result we had a rather late supper. Dx as usual tomorrow and the weather forecast is quite warm..

I need to sort out a new medic alert bracelet as well. A good idea for anyone with a medical condition on medication

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Why do the doctors want to remove your kidney? Is this your native or transplanted kidney? I've heard of people having to get it done but I never understood why. I've never had to get mine removed. Since you are lot wiser than I am especially about kidney transplants, are you still on your anti-rejection meds even though you are on dialysis or are they taking you off them slowly? But anyway, I'm glad you had a nice afternoon. Take Care.

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