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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Two or so days
Monday I had this ETDA test I got the doc at my dx unit to find the results

Doc was a bit confused he didn't know EDTA tests. First attempt to look it up on the computer failed. After a few attempts and rambling and questions of me he confirmed that my kidney function was 20 % which is acceptable. Basically I am as fit as well as I can be. I'm happy (most of the time) and he,s happy.

Sunday I went to excellent clockhouse nursery and brought a few plants. Saw a Eucalyptus tree block which in not something very usual. Usually conifers or firs are used. Eucalyptus are very fast growing though.
Heres a picture of me

And a couple of pics of my cats

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The pics didn't show up. =(

I know... I don't seem to able to get pics on...

EDTA test

It's great to see you are out & about.
Good to see decent kidney function.
keep posting ...
Cheers ... Art from Ontario

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