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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Hven't got full positive results of the scan...

The week was a fairly usual thing with shopping.. getting cash from the bank etc... Also have and iea to promote more public knowledge of kifnay disease..

Went for a meal on friday to all bar one... they are a chain of restaurants in London. I had a kind of chicken stuffed in pastry kind of dish.. I can't remember what its called..On Thursday I put in my second needle myself on dialysis... I think it was because the nurse fucked up the first needle and it was too painful and we had to do it again..

So I did the second needle and it went smooth,,, The way it should be.

Yesterday was spent doing a little basic shopping and then in the afternoon We went to the allotment.
So I spent that time shifting logs from the Oak and Ash trees that were growing on my mums plot.. They will be used for the fire and some reserved for my brother who does wood-turning as one of his hobbies.. The other is kiting... bit like me but he SERIOUSLY into it. buggying (look it up on the web).

Thats all for now... we depart for Whips cross in 55 minutes and I have an Ensure plus to swig down. before I go..
Any questions..??????

byeee for now...


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Hi from William of Norway..

Hey J, good to see you up and around again, lets try and keep it that way :D .... the photos that didn't show are showing a path to your pc not a web server if that helps....take care, ciao from william

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