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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Monday and Tuesday Fairly normal day plus three needles and two
Monday.. spent a bit of time sorting a few things out, bit of shopping etc

After lunch I was was off to see my meningitis councilor. There is a miss over Christmas but another 2 sessions in the new year. I think this session has been most productive, with things to think about. Such as my future, relationships, living away from my parents... If I do that I think I could be OK but I do need someone around who knows and cares for me.

I don't think I need a lot but will try to chat online and post to USNET groups etc

Tuesday. Fairly normal day. Woke up a bit later than usual,, had a shower... our shower spray has an irritating effect of moving to the side.. I think it needs some attention..

Had breakfast one of the usual things I eat is muesli, with milk and cane sugar.. I tend to drink tea, but water with my tablets.., Did a fairly swift bit of shopping bread in our masterclass baker They have been baking bread for five generations So they know how to make bread.. We buy organic bread for the reason that its healthier and taste better.

Got a bit of milk and some other things in budgens... Bought 10 cans of lemonade and 4 cans of cola in the Haelen Centre.. This is organic cola and it tases a bit different from brand cola but it does taste very good. Bought 4 cat toys for cleo and Ned one is a spider on a string, The other is a very small catnip scented mouse... Drove cleo nuts.. Catnip is to cats like sniffing coke is to humans
Also dropped some books of at the library. I was looking for some books to read but could really find anything I liked... As we were short of time as I had to get back home to prepare for dialyses. I put EMLA cream on an hour before I reach the unit..Also had my EPO injection before I left.. It can raise blood pressure which may explain why my BP was rather high.. I had little to loose so had a total 980 which is not too bad for a 2 day gap.. Usually I put on less that that but I did eat some salty food.So I was able to have two drinks.
There is no food provided at the unit, only tea and biscuits. So mum packs up a sandwich bag with several sandwiches, shortbread grapes, and a satsuma
So off to heamo at Whips cross with mum and dad. What I would and could do without them is a scary idea which I try not to dwell upon. There is no food provided.
A lot of patients do not eat on dialysis and I wonder if this is why some of them feel very unwell when the finish dialysis. They may not eat before they come in either...

Mobile phones and crisps
Mobile phones are not supposed to be allowed on the unit. Yet I see many patients using them. They are reputed to affect the function of the machines.. I think a bit of effort could be made. Certainly things were stricter in the wards.

Crisps.. I see so many patients eating crisps.. On a restricted fluid diet of 500 ml this is idiotic. Yet they carry on..

I at a packet of crisps on dx for the first time.. Why??
Whilst shopping with my dad in Tescos (eugh) I noticed some Warkers 'salt and shake' I'd forgotten of their existents du to my memory loss but I bought the last two packets on the shelf. Hopefully the will get some more in stock. I'd advise any patients who want to eat crisps or on a low salt diet to get these.

If you don't know what salt and shake crisps are, they are a packet of unsalted crisps with a small sachet of salt in. So you can have as much as little as you want.

They taste pretty good unsalted, but I added a bit of salt halfway down the packet.

Needles.. one of the nurses Sheila was putting my needles in. Three attempts and no joy as they were far to painful.. They were taken out.

With an encouraging verbal boot from my mother, I put them in myself. First one, than the second, arterial and and then veinus. It took me a while as my vein is tough. Punching through is a bit like punching into tough leather
Anyway, they were in.. And so I did my 3 & half hours. Came off with a fairly low BP So its back home for some tea, and then supper. Viewed part of the program about the Titanic with Tony Robinson.

Need to get a few things sorted out before we have visitors over christmas. Complete vacuuming needs to be done and a mop and bucket used on all suitable spaces. And sponging any other spaces.

Well thats all for folks