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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Just a quiky
I may be offline a lot of the time over the festive period as my brother a very special person will be here.

Dialysis went fine as did the morning.. got up a little later than usually 9:30.

Finally filled in the hospital questionnaire with my mum... Its OK but poorly written from a patient aspect.. I can assume that the had no patient consolation for it.. Anyway we wrote a few extra necessary bits on it. Im what is known as a 'professional' patient ie I have enough experience to advise groups such as drug companies. Things like going to meetings with a drug company etc.
On one occasion we went to an EXTREMELY posh hotel. Posher than Hilton's.

A fair bit of tidying up has been done and my room has some floor space in it**********************.

However my desk is loaded with stuff I will have to sort out probably in 2006.. No vacuuming done, just some sweeping of the kitchen stairs. Anyway.. best hit the sack if I am gonna get up at a reasonable time.


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Hiya Jim sounds like u busy bee.
Hope u enjoy u guests staying during festibve spirit etc ;)
Have a gr8 xmas & all very best in 2006 health & happiness to you ;)
Why is it xmas time etc we all feel betetr for having a good clean around the house etc? - feel clensed lol :D
anyhow hope sata brings all u hoped for ho ho ho!!! ;)

best wishes Elaine Rach & family :D

Happy Christmas! Thanks for the plant! see you in 2006 love Ingrid

Happy Christmas

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas - hope you had a good one!


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