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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Crumbs.. no entry since the 23rd... What's been happening...well over Xmas a certain person made my Christmas very different from normal...

Lets just say it's the best Christmas I've had so far in my life...

One of my bro's was there for longer than usual which was excellent.

Over the new year my other bro my siter in law and nephew came down great fun... All bro's and my nephew... how it should be..:)

Did a little kiting on new years day... My nephew got one of my brand NEW unused kites,.... stuck in a tree..

Lucky we managed to get it out without damage.. or he'd owe me 100 quid...

Brow 1 was upset when he had to go home... I've never seen him like that, in tears... He said he was lonely and worried bout me (and my health)

Other than that it has been fairly normal.. My last meningitis trust counseling session today.. and we have just started an application from the trust for a laptop printer and accessories so that I can relearn my lost computing skills.

I may not need more counseling but if I do they have a 24 hour helpline. I wonder why they don't have a bulletin board like the NKF and Kidney Patient Guide... Weird... I intend to contact them about this... But why , why why????

However I found a website of similar called Angel its not really on my the type of meningitis I had but its a start...

More later.


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Glad you are posting again !


so glad to see you posting again....
...keep it up....

.Art from Ontario

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