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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Weird times , Why weird?
Well no updates really lately, although it is late. DX as usual, Vikki is good at needles, and she is good looking although a little too slim for my liking. Not a bone lover me. What else, went down to the Clocktower nursery to gets some spuds. I'd have preferred to mail order organic from the HDRA organic catalogue, but I may do some anyway. they do some 1kg mixed of various varieties.
Had chicken stir fry with noodles for supper. Very nice at Hotel home

One of my primary school friends who visited me in hospital, has rung a few times, but missed me.
Got through now and we are trying to arrange a meet. He's just had another, nervous,, mental breakdown so needs some support.

What I am gonna do with some websites I don't no.
My own is crap now & my initial RenalUK is pretty grotty? Does anyone read my blog?

Tue thurs Sat dx as usual, although I want to stretch a few 2 day gaps on occaion to visit friends. This would be doing a Sat morning and Tue afternoon.

Asked sister & she OK'd it as long as not too often. Thats all folks
tomorrow another day..

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I for sure read your blog & so do others from the chat.

I did extend the 2 day gap for an out of town convention.

see my reply to your posting on KPG

get a stat counter to see the # of peeps reading your blog

I have one on my blog & it gives you the IP# as well as country & city


......keep well ..Art

I still read your blog. Glad you updated. I was beginning to worry. Take Care.

I READ **jumps up and down and waves frantically**

Miss your updates hun and will chat soon **hugs**


The link above is for the site counter I use :)

Avid Reader

hey...William her...I read your blog too...regularly ;). If you need any help with websites etc let me know, I am a fully certifiable webmaster :D, and a fair hand with photoshop etc...so just yelp if you need anything

Re: Avid Reader

Web master... yeah so was I to some degree till I had meningitis,
You wanna forget how to use dreamweaver & BBEdit,.. eat some unpasturised soft cheese & you might catch meningitis..

Tata for now..

I amy need some help with some sites when I find the passwords, & the right emails


keepin updated

Hiya Jim yupp good to read u blog n see how u doin etc.
Nice to see you bak on the net :D

keep in touch Elaine Rach n all :D

I do read it, infrequently, but that's me, not you - I'm going through a weird phase too, and not spending much time online. I do find that even if I'm not reading much, I do like writing occasionally - especially when others comment and I know I'm not alone!

BTW I finally bookmarked the YPG page, next step will be joining... ;)

Good to hear, & hope you join us (YPG) soon) we have approx 130 members:)

Good to hear that you are thinking of joining YPG, I have a feeling you may be a valuable member..,
As you've read, we need all the help we can get at the moment.


Hey Jim
Andy here, I read you journal, it's nice to ctach up:)

I read your blog!!

I read your blog. Not daily.. but I come in every once in a while to catch up :)

take care... and I am offering you the same offer as William. Holler for help...


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