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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Pretty boring day. today not yesterday.
After last nights thrills of seeing the last night of High Society, at the Shaftsbery theatre near Oxford street today has seemed pretty dull in comparison.

The show, music & dancing was excellent and following the performance we met up with our ex neighbor & friend, Bryan and went to 'The ultimate burger'
http://www.ultimateburger.co.uk/ where the food was pretty good.
After some choice I went for the cheese burger with onion rings. those onion rings are VERY nice

Dad had a crispy chicken burger and various other folks had a vegetarian burger, spicy burger etc.

The house fries are also very good. Plenty of space for a east London eatery:)

Today has been, well, just plain, apart from nice texts & emails, and chats with a certain person.. Updated software on my computer... wait & see if thats created any bugs..

Thats it really. Am recording the end of an biography of Charle Chaplin. And now off to bed.

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The Ultimate Burger restaurant inside looks somewhat like a
"Harvey's Hamburger" restaurant chain in Ontario, Canada.

nice to see the many JMan posts on KPG

Cheers..... Art from Ontario

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