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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Blood on my arm
Not posted since Jan 22 somehow it seems so long ago.

Dialysis seems to OK, my clinic on Tuesday, or was it last week?
All is good and stable, and they will be weaning me off Spirolaction, spelling is wrong there but I'll find out for a next post.
Only problem I have with dialysis is I am not yet used to doing my needles every time.
I need training , but by the right person Today I didn't do my own needles and they were painful, but bearable. More of an irritable scratch & ache. Vikki I think is the best person to train me ( Hmmm that sounds rather nice, doesn't it :p)
But isn't always there.
Last time I attempted to put my own needles in and, then it wsn't working, and so I said no.. Mum said oh" just push them in" upon which I flipped my lid and shouted at her..

I don't do that stuff often but when I feel under pressure I let people no about it.
My loud shout made everyone else look.

Thats all really, hoping to see a certain person at some point in the near future but today is today & tomorrow is another day
pHp chat is online, but to be honest I may or may not use it that much, if I do, it will be good. Being an Admin is also nice, to keep things cool enough, but not freezing.

I really need to do some gardening & hort stuff, and sort out a bundle or 2 of paperwork, but you only have a day at a time :)

Gnight folks

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Nite JMan:


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