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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Dull Monday
spent a lot of time on comp today & not enough out & about.

Got the EPO Sister (not a nun) coming around tomorrow @ 10:30 ish

then off to dialysis as usual, may try to fit in a bit of fresh air tomorrow & prob whay I'm feeling a bit down.. Might just stand outside the back door for a while & get a few breaths.

Mum is getting stressed by the will writing process, but its best to sort it out or you relatives & children will be knocked out with inheritances taxes etc.. Think about it sort it out NOW

I'm getting mine done later in the week, not that I own much.

Thats all really, Talkline & KPG are my charitable work & I'm gonna start selling plans seeds on eBay:)

G'night all

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What is a Sister? Is that similar to a nurse? From your previous posts, I had thought she was a Nun!

Yes yes & yes,

In hospital terms, in the UK A sister is a senior ( not older but more quealified) nurse. A senior sister is at a higher level.

Used to be called Matron & in the UK they are thinking of bringing this role back in. If you've ever watched

A while ago...
quite a while in fact..

Nun's used to care for the unwell as there were no health services.
Hence the term Sister.

If you've ever seen the British Carry On films,

Matrons were severe, in charge, seniors, who were in charge of the wards.
My mum describes one. as she worked in the early NHS and this woman was a complete bully. mum once cleaned a small patch of wall, which was completly covered in dirt.
Matron saw it she had my mum clean all the walls.

There role was to make sure the nurses were properly dressed as well as doing their dutys to the highest level.
Take a google image search for matron & yl prob see the nurses uniforms as well
Failing to be properly dressed resulted in punishments such as floor cleaning,etc that you don;t see today.

LOL take a look with a search of the 'History of the NHS' or something & you can find a lot more

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