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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Good morning, rough day & the chair!
The morning went OK, with the EPO sister coming round with a new pen. She said throw it in the bin but when I said it had been registered we took it out again.

Off to dialysis, popped into my docs room to ask him about my aching left side.
Also asked him about some other drugs change suggestions made AFTER I'd had a clinic appointment with him. Made by another doctor.

Its off back to Roche to see what went wrong.

Dialysis went OK, got Vicki to do the needles

There were some questions about changing my dosage of EPO, and I was quite confused, cos people didn't seem to be making their minds up. Ended up having a dispute with one of the sisters. I'm not keen of people talking to me about stuff near the end of dialysis in public because I'm pretty washed out. Stuff like that should be 121.

Thats it all, Valentine's day cometh & its nice but the 1st weekend in March should be nicer:)