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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Something good done!
So so productive day,,, Horticulture news comes twice a a month so I can't complain I have nothing to read. Its expensive, although I got a substantial discount on their offer. The rate is usual about 30 pounds more.
At least it keeps me up to date with the latest Hortic. tec & styles ( if they are styles.)
Am, not a lot, breakfast cloths, meds etc.
Sandwiches for lunch. We've run out of sesame snaps, but I can get some more. Not entirely sure if the are good for me but one can do little harm. They are quite morish (IMHO). This afternoon we took a good look at a water butt we have that needs to be linked to our main roof. shouldn't be too much of a problem.
At least then will probably have more water for the plants when the hosepipe ban comes along (probably) later this year. Its also good for the environment., we should be USING water, not wasting it.

If you used natural cosmetics ( such as soft soap & natural shampoo's ) then its suitable to use the water for plants.. Of course you should not use the waste from your lavatory. ( Unless you build a permaculture toilet ) LOL
Mum has still been going to her acupuncture sessions & seems to find them useful.
I get enough needles but I think accupressure or aromatherapy might be beneficial.

More later from the Sw33tf00l