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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Sunday & monday are my weekends.. WHy.. cos I have heamodialysis on Saturday afternoon..
So Sunday, in about 30 minutes, will be the start of my weekend.

Had to sit on a ******* chair on dialysis again,... I guess they are supposed to be comfortable.. But to put it bluntly my arse is too skinny to sit on a hard chair for three and a half hours. Had pain in my butt bone when I came off. I'd guess its bruised. Should tell the people who make it to try sitting on it for 4 hours
Got home at the usual times, half 6 to sevenish.

Mum decided she was 'starving' she always is.. but 6 to seven hours is a long time since lunchtime..
We ended up going to Arocaria, a greek restaurant round the corner from us. Very Nice. I ended up having a chicken kebab. Less saly then some of the other stuff. Comes with rice or chips & a salad & pitta bread if you wanted.
For dessert we had the wonderful cheesecake,
A group/gang( if you can call it a gang) of nice young ladies ( they were I can't lie) Who I suspect were mostly young students, possibly nurses, came in.

14 of them out for a hen night.. Most amusing ( and nice to watch)

Alas I could not join the party, and left before the fun started LOL

Aaah well just have to remember the cheesecake. And save my eyes for someone special...

Gnight all