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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Valentin'es day & cleaning..
Felt very good on Valentines day evening for some reason I don't know why.. I just had this feeling of calm, happiness.

I haven't felt like this in ages.

Eating salty food on Fri wasn't such a good idea, I had 2 kg all together to remove & felt a bit rough.
I can tolerate it OK but its not something I want to do often. Extra cup of tea when I cam off. I came off 100 ml less than my dry wait.. felt a bit out of it for a while... almost like being high...

So that was Valentine's day, I had a very cute present from someone, which I really like & I seem to have made an appropriate move by sending flowers (doesn't everyone do this??? If not they are plonkers) Seems the flowers we good ( I had no idea what they were gonna be) so thats good.
During the weekend me & dad went in search for holiday brochures.. We have no travel agents in Crouch End, and as my dad discovered only one in Muswell Hill, so we went of to Wood Green.
I also spent some money stationary that we needed.

Tuesday was as usual, dialysis, a short walk & not much else.
This morning I went to Scholl's in Islington to see a podiatrist, have my nails clipped, feet scraped and generally sorted.. Its a bit annoying that Scholl only do shoes for women:(

Still its good to get your feet & toes sorted properly.. a lot of dead skin removed..
Then wondered about Islington a bit, there is a new shopping centre there & I ended up purchasing a water resistant jacket in a shop called Mambo..
It may not be perfect, I need a less puffy one I think, but it will certainly do for now.

Got a call from Rossetta stone the Language learning company as I'd failed to place the order right, some sort of error on my part, I think I may have had 'caps lock' on when entering details.

So got that resolved & hopefully soon I will be learning dutch & spanish, or may be spanish & dutch..

A friend of mine visited this afternoon which was nice.. he's recovering from an emotional breakdown, but seems a lot more his usual self now. Suggestions have been made that he might come kiting with me, which would be pretty cool.

Finaly finally got around to vacuuming the upper stairs in our house.. why someone left it to me I don't think I'll ever find out!

Thats the blog for today except I've realised that our allotments society domain registration has expired,. bugger.. thank god for backup.