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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Another day, Another load of blood
Not too bad today although for some reason, I've been feeling a little low..
Seeds that I've ordered from ebay are sprouting well, although the tiny pot they are in I knocked accidentally..

As long as I can get a couple of plants off them I am happy..

Snowdrops are still flowering and the early crocuses are are beginning to flower.
These are much loved by the first bee that I saw today as I went out the door.

Of course the hazel in the back garden may already have been used loads but I haven't observed it..

Off to dialysis, another ( is it 8000) litres of blood processed.

Strangely my needles went smoothly by one of the nurses I'm not to keen on needling me.
Everything OK, although I was sat next to a VERY small phillipino woman who had been to the Phillipine's for about a month.

She's got used to drinking more fluid as its hot there. And so she had 4 litres to loose. She had some debate of to how to remove it as they usually do something called 'profiling' which is varying the amount of fluid taken off.
From what I could tell she usually does this hourly, not just over three hours..
This makes sense to me, but the staff couldn't catch it.

She was complaining for the full hours & in a way I feel sorry for her but on the other hand. What you pay is what you get..

tho the nurses have explained her fluid allowance I have this doubt she will stick to it.
I sometimes wonder tho, if the staff inform themselves of what patients eat. Yes this should be the dietitian's job, but they are not there all the time..

Other than that its been a nice day, reading more of my Terry Pratchet book 'Night Watch'

Felt a little rough during the last half hour but I blame that on swigging a 150 ml can of coke. Blood sugar shoots to my stomach :)

Other than that I am So so FINE:)

No problems with the car door, this time,.. said hi to one of our neighbors who's making a short film about an illegal immigrant who wants to become an architect.

She needed old stuff for the set so dad gave her a load of old 'Architect's journals'

ANd really looking forward to 2 weeks time:) I might say hi to her next time,,, I have no one to chat to in the neighborhood

Tho I'm 'taken' :) and thats so wonderful for me ( there is no one else), I need people to have a chat with sometimes:)

More later:)