I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

  • Fortismere School - Haringey, England - Greater London, United Kingdom (1994 - 1996)
30 something Londoner, who also happens to be a kidney condition something that has taken up part of my life.
Interests include, People, food, plants, reading, arts, kites, 2Cv's, film, comedy, walking, , sex, music and a host of other things.
I have an A level in English, Photographys A+ & modules of a HND in Horticulture
Keen on supporting the environment, and organic food, alternative/traditional health etc. A couple of short computer courses thrown in & some work experience at a city farm and in the city of London, PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT it makes the words worthwhile!

I like to think that I appreciate the finer things in life.

I love gardening, photography & kite flying. Currently seeking kiting friends to go out & fly with.

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Occasionally you'll see my stuff on eBay

What am I selling on Ebay?


Like most people I have a side of light & darkness, get to know me & you get to know them.

Some of you may have noticed that I've been adding links to my Journal layout. Check them out.

Currently in a 5 year relationship.

I run a parallel journal that most people will on my friends list will never get to read. Sorry folks it's too explicit.

I read a lot, not so much newspapers but books & magazines, you may find me reading more than 1 book at a time, & my room has a full shelf of books.
I'm a great fan of Asimov, Pratchett, all the books I read as a child,
I love sci fi & comedy. Currently Re reading the Harry Potter books. Also have a biography of Shakespeare on the go.

I've been told my musical taste is weird & unusual & I won't argue with that,
I grew up with my brothers music, INXS, Mike Oldfield, Queen (of course) so I still love them, Just remember, "God Gave Rock & Roll to you" & I have to say

If you asked me if I had a favourite tune it would be this:

In Time by Robbie Robb, one of the songs from Bill & Ted's excellent adventure..
To me, its such a beautiful song. it's a damn good film as well:)

Recently "We Will Rock You" co produced by Ben Elton & Queen has been a favourite show after I saw it:)

Valentine Moon, by Sam Brown with Jools Holland I really love..

LOL I can go from soft romantic to rough & kinky.. whatever you like :D haha!

But my collection covers a wide range from Classical, Mozart Vivalidi, Erricson,

MSN, AOL, Yahoo, iChat available if you ask nicely! Same goes for SKYPE if you're that organised.

I do love COMEDY, & this is reflected in my reading, musical, & TV tastes.
Comedy keeps be alive. I love the Goon Show, Python, The X- Fools (am I the only person to have recorded it)

& of course INTERNET RADIO is great, everything from modern classical to rock to erotic stories.. Fantastic & there are plenty of FREE LEGIT tracks available online. See my link under music.

I love my local library & will sometimes select a CD just to try it & widen my tastes completely
Words that have been used to describe me,as well as many others:),
Majorly arousing,
Sexy AND Sweet
Not even innocent in your sleep
Yr the sweet one
Sexy Man
Sexy Beast

Not so nice one's
Rotten Swine

I've been told I have sweet lips & a sexy bum! What can I say!